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“As we all know going to the dentist is not something we look forward to. However, upon entering I was greeted by some of the nicest people I have ever met. Every person I encountered greeted me and made sure all of my questions were answered. Secondly, Dr. Marquez was amazing and gentle. I had 4 fillings and I didn’t feel a thing. I recommend him to anyone looking for a Dentist that helps ease that anxiety of getting work done.”

Chepe H.

“Dr Kim-Vy and her staff are amazing. Beautiful office, friendly and welcoming staff. If I could I’d give 100 stars. After getting cleanings and work done here I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Chipped tooth? Come save your handsome/beautiful smile with Dr. Kim. Don’t wait!”

Bernard E.

This place is amazing! Beautiful/clean environment! Thank you lini, who is their receptionist for so much great information that i really needed! Dr.pham was great , and her staff made my visit so comfortable! Happy to find a dental place that really does care!

Vanessa M.

My husband, daughter and I are patients in this practice. We are satisfied with the service we received from Dr. Pham and all the staff. They are great, helpful and kind. Dr. Pham is understanding and easy to talk to. She personally called us to follow up after our fillings. Office is clean and scheduling appointment is easy.

Cheryl M.

The entire staff were wonderful! Extremely friendly and informative with all of their services and procedures. I love that they are personable, they really care about their patients and they give you all the information you need without being pushy. They really care about their patients and what they do instead of most places just wanting your business. Thanks so much guys!

Shannon F.

Very friendly and professional! They made me feel like family. I would recommend this new dentist to anyone seeking a warm and welcoming dental experience. The best part for me was feeling like and actually having the power to decide what work I needed done and I was able to make a plan and informed decision with Dr. Pham by my side, don’t forget Chris and then tire office though! Dental work isn’t cheap but I had a rotten tooth that was literally about to have me missing days at work and a previous dentist told me I had to get a cleaning and fill cavities before she could even work on the tooth that was an immediate emergency. Thanks to Inspired Dental I was able to get that tooth taken care and start half of my cleaning! Since I’m no longer in pain I can focus on the rest of my dental journey with them❣️The Dt. Gave me the realistic options I had and include me in the plan, which I was able to tweak a little so I made a decision I can live with and still maintain my dental health without being under crazy financial stress! I definitely recommend Inspired Dental to everyone!

LaMariana C.