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Instead Of Waiting Up To 10+ Months At “Traditional” Dental Implant Providers

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Have you ever heard the term “Teeth In A Day”?

If you had a sneaking suspicion that the conventional teeth-in-day process seemed too good to be true, you have to read to the end.

While the term “teeth in a day” sounds great, for many patients the experience is VERY DIFFERENT than they were expecting.

Did you know that the teeth provided at many “teeth in a day” clinics are a cheap set of dentures called “TEMPS” (short for temporary teeth)? You typically stay in those oversized, easily breakable temporary teeth for up to 6 to even 10 months or longer.

Unfortunately, that may not even be the worst part of the process…
How the “teeth in a day” process typically work at other clinics
The dentist giving you the “teeth in a day” orders a basic acrylic denture (the Temps).

Then, on the day of surgery, after you’ve been sedated for up to 4 or 5 hours, the dreaded “denture conversion” begins.

Below is a set of dentures that, in other clinics, would become your “temporary” set of teeth.

Notice how big and bulky they are.

That is why folks who get these temporary sets of teeth may experience difficulty speaking normally.

Next, someone at the clinic puts some goo inside the denture and places it over your implants to get an estimated location of where to place holes and connect the posts.

Then the drilling begins…

Because of the manual nature of this process, it’s difficult to get the dentures to fit precisely.

Look at this temporary denture converted to “teeth in a day.”

Can you see the large dark circles there?

That’s where they drilled holes to try to fit the metal cylinders to the implants…

And as you can see… they have to give their best guess where to place the cylinders and fill the rest of the holes in with liquid plastic.

Can you imagine how weak this denture is after shaving it down, drilling large holes and filling them with liquid plastic?

That’s why these temporaries break more often than permanent teeth.

Imagine having to come back into the clinic several times because your “temps” broke again.

That’s why “teeth in a day” typically requires a liquid only diet for up to 4 weeks or more… Because chewing anything has the possibility to cause movement and can compromise the implants.

Our 24 hr permanent teeth are built differently to help eliminate micro movements and allow you to eat soft foods immediately.

The Wax Try-In Phase
Sadly, even after up to 6+ months of wearing your “teeth in a day” temps (and hoping the denture doesn’t break) you finally start the process of getting your permanent set…

…and what a process it is.

The staff typically places what is called a “wax rim” into your mouth and adds “chiclet” style teeth to it.

Like this:

Then they have to manually heat up the wax and move the teeth around trying to match them up to the right spots.

Once they feel it is as good as they can get it, the wax try-in set is sent to the lab.

It can take the lab a week or two, sometimes longer, to create a replica to send back to the clinic. Then you’ll need to come back in for another appointment to try it on to see how it fits.

If it needs adjustment, the staff has to go through the same process again…

Sending it back to the lab…

Then back again to test…

Over and over until they get it just right.

This process can take up to an additional 5 to 10 appointments and additional 2-4 months or more, depending on the speed of the lab.

That’s a total of up to 10 months to get the permanent set you thought you were getting in one day!

…It’s like waiting for Amazon 2 day shipping that doesn’t arrive for months.

So What Is The Solution?

Custom Permanent Teeth 

We don’t believe in “temps”.

Take a look at the picture below.

Our lab director snapped a quick picture of our beautiful 24-hour permanent teeth right after it was finished.

Now that’s something you can get excited about right?

As you’ve learned in the outline above, the entire temporary “teeth in a day” process can be a long frustrating patient experience.

We know it firsthand because that’s actually the way we USED to do it too.

So we set out to create a process that would ACTUALLY deliver New Permanent Teeth In Just 24 Hours..

It was a massive investment in amazing people and insanely cool technology that made it possible.

Here’s How We Do It…

Step #1 – You get your dental implants placed on surgery day.

Step #2 – We take a picture with the coolest camera ever. It precisely maps your entire mouth and where the implants were placed.

Step #3 – You go home and rest overnight (instead of spending up to 4 extra hours groggy in the chair)

Step #4 – Our revolutionary 24 hour lab operation begins and creates your permanent set of teeth overnight (this is where the innovation kicks in)

Step #5 – You come back the next day and we attach your precision made custom permanent teeth to your implants and it’s all done.

You walk out of the office with Beautiful Permanent Teeth in just 24 Hrs!

The physical and emotional burden of ill fitting dentures, missing or broken teeth could be gone in 24 hours…
…replaced with a beautiful new permanent set.

–> Imagine laughing and smiling again from the depths of your soul…

–> Going back to work and everyone saying “WOW” you look great!…

–> Going out with friends you’ve been ignoring because of embarrassment…

–> Taking your loved one out for steak dinner like you used to.

Your first step is simple…

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The Benefits Of Our 24hr
Permanent Teeth

Benefit #1 – From up to 10 Months down to 24 Hours

The obvious first benefit of a 24 Hr Smile is that it takes an up to 10+ month process and condenses it down to just 24 hrs.

This is such a game changer it feels like when Amazon came out with FREE 2 day shipping but BETTER.

Benefit #2 – Immediately Start Eating Soft Foods

Did you know that with the old “teeth in a day” way you had to be on a liquid only diet for up to 4 weeks or longer?

Soup and protein drinks were about all you could handle.

In fact some patients hardly ate anything because they were so worried about compromising their temps.

With a permanent set in 24 hours you can start eating soft foods right away.

Pasta, salmon, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, etc.

If you can cut it with a plastic fork, you can usually eat it 24 hours after your surgery.

Benefit #3 -Custom Precise Fit
The old way, with temporary dentures, is done manually over several appointments and adds up to 4 hours on surgery day.

Because of our technology, we are able to digitally plan the procedure in advance. So our permanent set of teeth, delivered the next day, can slide right in with pinpoint accuracy.

Benefit #4 – Eliminate up to 7-12 Appointments

Without having experienced the old way it might be hard for you to really understand.

Patients we’ve talked to who have gone through the traditional “teeth in a day” process complain about how many times they had to go back to the office for try ins and relines.

Just imagine being in a bulky set of dentures for up to 6 to 10 months or more…

Unable to speak naturally…

Expecting each additional visit will finally be the day you get your permanent set…

Instead, you’re told it just doesn’t fit quite right, and will require another appointment…

We deliver your permanent set of teeth the next day…

Then you come in 2 weeks later for a check-in…

Then a 6 month check in.

Some patients even do their check in appointments virtually without needing to come into the office.

Doesn’t that sound more like the experience you’re looking for?

Benefit #5 – *Speak Naturally

Generally, acrylic based temporaries require more material bulk for strength reasons. Sometimes that extra bulk can be extra burdensome.

This is why the custom and precise fit of our permanent set in 24hrs is so good for our patients. The big and clunky temporary doesn’t exist with us.
Now Let’s See Our No Temp 24HR Permanent Teeth In Action!